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Simplifying a Complex Subject
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We have had the opportunity to be a part of a much bigger community by presenting at several wonderful
conferences in our many years of teaching drug education. Our conferences are listed below.
2010 Summer Homeschool Conferences:

Teens: The Other Side of the User: How to Help a Friend in Trouble
Parents: Homeschooling Parent’s Checklist of Drug Prevention

Teens: The Other Side of the User: How to Help a Friend in Trouble

Nevada School Counselor Association's 2014 Annual Conference - Las Vegas

Keynote speech
: Where’s the Party? The How-To Party Protocol Book for Parents and Teens

Breakout session presentations: Classifications of drugs & Addicition and the Five Warning signs

CAIS Southern Regional Meeting 2012
Teaching Between The Lines (see our teacher page)

CAIS Southern Regional Meeting 2010

Miles To Go presented two different presentations at this year’s
California Association of Independent Schools conference.

If you want to add a presentation for your faculty  contact us at

A Fly On The School Wall – What We’ve Learned While Teaching Drug Education.

How Many Drugs Are Out There?

OCDE Parent Support Services Faire 2009 & 2011

CAPSO - California Association of Private School Organizations

11th Triennial Convention, 2008 & 2011 Long Beach, California

A Fly On The School Wall: School Drug Policies
How Many Drugs Are Out There?
Out Of Control

ACSI - Association of Christian Schools International

The Anaheim Convention center, Tuesday 11/25/08

A Fly On The School Wall: School Drug Policies
How Many Drugs Are Out There?
Out of Control

NAIS: Boston & San Diego - 6 Pack Abs presentation

CAIS - Northern & Southern California many years!
For booking and detailed descriptions:
please call us at 714-444-2292
or email us at
Jonathan’s Lectures:

New Parent Lecture (2016 -2017) Please email for details

7th, 8th, 9th grade Basic Lecture Series  
  • Introduction
  • Tobacco: Health Risks, Marketing, And Advertising
  • Addiction and the Five Warning Signs
  • Classifications For Abused Drugs
  • Marijuana In The News
  • Alcohol and the Teen Brain

Advanced Standalone High School Presentations
  •  Coroner’s Report: Drugged And Dead
  •  Out Of Control: Understanding How To Help A Friend In Trouble
  •  Alcohol, Drugs and the First Year of College (featured lecture)
  •  Energy: Everything about stimulants  Click here to learn more
Coroner’s Report and Alcohol, Drugs and the First Year of College are our 12th grade lecture series.
  • Not All Kids Do Drugs for Teens (coming next year)
  • New Prescription Drugs presentation (winter 2016)

Kelly’s Lectures:

Myths Around the World ©
Myths Around the World is a fun, interactive game that follows the history of drugs geographically.
It is a logical, age appropriate, humorous, multi-sensory learning approach to teach
4th-6th graders
about drugs. This original game was created by Kelly Townsend and is only available through Miles To
Go. In 2017, this game will be available for teachers to present in the classroom. 3-6 hours. (A detailed
Myths description is available at the end of this section.)

New: Not All Kids Do Drugs for Teens

My Life On The Other Side of The User—Kelly’s Introduction Lecture
My Life is Kelly’s alternative to Jonathan’s Introduction lecture. This is a standalone lecture and is not part of any of the
series programs. This inspirational presentation is based on Kelly’s experience as the person on the other side of the
drug/alcohol user. In her journey through family addiction, alcohol and drug abuse by friends and roommates, and a
career in television and stand-up comedy, Kelly has developed a deep insight into the lives of people in trouble with
drugs and alcohol. This presentation teaches students the basics of how to identify characteristic behaviors inherent to
the user, how to help a friend, how to protect themselves, and how to move forward through tragedy.

Audience: It is open to co-ed groups, but is highly recommended for high school girls. Ideal for mature 8th graders
through 12th grade.  
Scheduling: Call for available daytime dates.
Time: Plan 60-75 minutes including Q&A.

The Mother’s Checklist of Drug Prevention: All The Little Things We Say and Do.
This parent presentation is based on our book of the same title. The Mother’s Checklist provides a detailed guide parents
can use to forge and break patterns of positive and negative language and behavior that will help them raise happy, self-
confident children who can grow into functional, accomplished, drug-free young adults.

Everything I Ever Learned About Parenting I Learned At
This workbook-style presentation is a hands-on application and discussion based on the Lessons Learned in Part 4 from
The Mother’s Checklist of Drug Prevention. To open, Kelly will describe how as a drug prevention specialist she became
obsessed with the psychology of organizing families on her many visits to Disneyland. This presentation describes how
the implementation of student, parent and family organizational skills can reduce stress, depression and self-medicating
while it shows attendees how to transition from theory to implementation the minute they leave the presentation.

* Kelly and Jonathan will bring books for sale at all parent presentations and pre-sale orders can be set up
in advance