Miles To Go Drug Prevention Lecture Series Website Update 2009

We haven’t been blogging lately; not because we don’t have anything to say, but we have been working on our twitter, webinar and Drug Fact Update programs.

The Drug Fact Updates (DFU) are articles that can be used for home and classroom discussions. Monthly DFU’s can be found on our website’s Drug Fact Update page. You can sign up on our website to receive the DFU in your personal email.

Daily DFU’s can be found on our twitter page at as well as our website, where we will update posts weekly. Our Twitter name is MilesToGoDrugEd. These daily discussions are excellent start points for research projects and discussions for advisors and mentors groups.

We have been working hard on our webinar series. If you missed the live presentation at your school, you can order and view our parent meeting webcast on our webinar page.

Our new handbook, “Not All Kids Do Drugs” is still in editing, but it is coming!

About mtgblogs

Jonathan and Kelly are professional speakers and writers who specialize in drug prevention education for students, teachers and parents. Working from their base in Southern California, they have spent the past 16 years lecturing in the private school community using humor, science and multi-sensory teaching techniques to simplify a complex subject. We have 2 book to choose from: The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention: All The Little Things We Say and Do and Not All Kids Do Drugs: Proactive Parenting
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