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2011-2012 Tweets

  • How marijuana affects the way the brain processes emotional information:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Millions of Smokers Don't Tell Docs that They Light Up - Smoking & Tobacco MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Heavy Drinkers Get Bigger Kick from Booze - in Psychiatry, General Psychiatry from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Doctors Should Offer to Help All Smokers to Quit, Study Suggests | The Partnership at

  • First physical evidence of tobacco in Mayan container: via @AddThis

  • Clue as to why alcohol is addicting: Scientists show that drinking releases brain endorphins:
    Tw8l9l8XhB0.twitter via @AddThis

  • Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Programs Can Yield Substantial Savings for Medicaid |

  • 20-yr study finds a few joints a month-no effect, but other experts differ- there's more to the story than a headline!

  • Robbers Seeking Opioids and Other Drugs Rattle Pharmacists | The Partnership at

  • Read carefully - don't assume what it says - Antidepressants OK With Drugs for Other Common Ills - from @medpagetoday

  • 38 Million American Adults are Binge Drinkers, CDC Says | The Partnership at

  • Nicotine Patch Improves Attention, Memory in People with Mild Cognitive Impairment |

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy No Better Than Quitting “Cold Turkey” in Preventing Smoking Relapse-

  • Researchers Seek to Predict Stress-Induced Substance Abuse Relapse | The Partnership at
  • 'Tiger mothers' should tame parenting approach, expert says - also China one of the highest suicide rates: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2012/01/120110114525.htm#.Tw2lZ0k5GRI.twitter via @AddThis

  • READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE, NOT THE HEADLINE - pot smoke not as damaging to lungs as cigarette smoke, study: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2012/01/120110163444.htm#.Tw2jerJjCrM.twitter via @AddThis

  • Health News - Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought

  • Medical News: Excedrin, NoDoz, Other OTC Products Recalled-in Product Alert, OTC from MedPage Today- from @medpagetoday

  • Medical News: FDA Warns of Opioid Drug Mix-Up - in Product Alert, Prescriptions from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Key Cannabis Components Have Opposite Effects on the Brain

  • Nicotine Patch Boosts Brain Power in Mildly Impaired - in Geriatrics, Dementia from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • When a loved one has an addiction

  • parents tested for breast cancer genes share results w/ children -please share your addiction history too! http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2012/01/120109102905.htm#.TwxQRo5VVwc.twitter via @AddThis

  • The Diet Factor in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Teens who fight with their parents say "no" to drugs - Forbes

  • Alcohol Ads Appeal to Teens Online, Expert Says | The Partnership at

  • 200 days to the summer Olympics 2012 - Join us by taking the Athlete's Challnege:

  • 10 Percent of Smokers Don’t Tell Doctor They’re Lighting Up | The Partnership at

  • New York Senator Cautions Against New “Super Painkillers” | The Partnership at

  • Medical News: FDA Warns of Opioid Drug Mix-Up - in Product Alert, Prescriptions from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Legislation Banning “Bath Salts” and “Spice” Stalls in U.S. Senate | The Partnership at

  • Congratulations to all the Walt Disney World runners and walkers yesterday! You exemplify setting a goal and meeting it for our kids&teens

  • A smoking cessation benefit can save money for Medicaid: via @AddThis

  • D.A.R.E. anti-drug program disappearing from S. Fla. schools,0,3468910.story

  • Smoking Cessation Medication Being Tested as Treatment for Drug, Alcohol Addiction

  • Study Finds Targeting Multiple Areas of Young People’s Lives Can Help Prevent Drug Use

  • “Spice” Manufacturers Change Recipe to Skirt State Laws Against Synthetic Drugs |

  • NZ experiencing 'stoned grandparent' Phenomenon - Latest Health News - Keep up with Newstalk ZB: via @AddThis

  • Program for Pregnant Women at Risk of Substance Abuse Could Lead to Big Cost Savings |

  • WOW! More Than 200 Million People Use Illicit Drugs | The Fix: via @AddThis

  • From around the world: ‘Education key to curbing drug abuse’ from the Zambia Daily Mail:

  • Talk to Your Teen, Help Them Set Goals
  • Federal Judge Tosses Medical Marijuana Case-in Pain Management, Pain Management from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • So many studies re: alcohol causing cancer, now this: Red Wine Study Hints @ Breast Cancer Benefit - from @medpagetoday

  • Statins Tied to Lung Damage in Smokers - in Cardiovascular, Dyslipidemia from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • RWJF_PubHealthRWJF PublicHealth
  • Workplaces ban not only smoking, but smokers themselves: #smokefree #publichealth

  • 200 Million People Worldwide Use Illegal Drugs, Study Says | The Partnership at

  • READ MORE THAN THE HEADLINE! Drug use not tied to mental decline in middle-age via @reuters

  • Program for Pregnant Women at Risk of Substance Abuse Could Lead to Big Cost Savings-

  • Pediatrics Digest Summary Drinking Frequency as a Brief Screen for Adolescent Alcohol Problems http://pediatrics.aappublications.

  • Drinking Frequency Is Quick Test for Youth Alcohol Problems

  • Mother's touch may protect against drug cravings later: via @AddThis

  • Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among teens: via @AddThis

  • Adderall Drug Shortage Will Continue in 2012, Government Officials Say (via @ABC)

  • Researchers create a less toxic cigarette to help people quit: via @AddThis

  • Injected Methamphetamine Use Linked to Increased Risk of Suicide Attempts | The Partnership at
  • Liability Laws Make Parents Responsible for Underage Drinking in Their Home | The Partnership at

  • Drug Companies Developing More Powerful Version of Hydrocodone | The Partnership at

  • Parents Show Modest Gains After Smoking Programs

  • How stress can make us overeat

  • Sleep Woes Tied to Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetic Kids - in Endocrinology, Diabetes -MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Physical activity, school performance may be linked: via @AddThis

  • Schizophrenia diagnosis associated with progressive brain changes among adolescents: via @AddThis

  • Kids Who Play Sports Get Better Grades, says Dutch study via @dutchdailynews

  • Maternal gestational diabetes & low socioeconomic status associated w/ increased risk of ADHD in offspring http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2012/01/120102180852.htm#.TwMY_pqr9Gk.twitter via @AddThis

  • Brain imaging study: effects of ingredients in pot on brain functioning during reactions to visual stimuli http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2012/01/120102180854.htm#.TwMM3pcVT8U.twitter via @AddThis

  • Ten Brain Science Studies from 2011 Worth Talking About - Forbes

  • Surprise the guests who snoop in your medicine cabinet w/ a marble trap that will spill out if the door is opened.

  • 8 Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve: Let your kids see you and your friends having fun without getting drunk

  • You can use a special glass, just not the same type your adult drinkers use.

  • Don't serve sparkling ciders or non-alcoholic beverages in champagne glasses to your guests who are under 21.

  • MTG's 8 Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve: Provide different cups for anyone under 21

  • 8 Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve-Separate the alcoholic drinks from non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Designate your driver before the party.

  • Miles To Go’s 8 Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve:

  • Why we start young: studies say around 20% of all 8th graders have been drunk outside the presence of an adult #moms

  • A shadow over Santa Margarita's football title - OUCH, we have friends at this school!!

  • US military targeting users of dangerous 'Spice' drug that can bring days-long hallucinations

  • Parental Smoking and Vascular Damage in Their 5-year-old Children

  • You can’t wait until middle school to talk to your kids about tobacco #moms #parenting

  • How to make (and not use) a Calm Down Jar

  • Alcohol Consumption Greatly Increases Serious Injury Risk for Heavy and Moderate Drinkers

  • Check this out: Six Ways to Be a Media-Savvy Parent in 2012

  • Secondhand Smoke Way Down, Brits Find - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Brain Injury Linked to Violent Acts - in Neurology, General Neurology from MedPage Today -
    xYexJo.twitter from @medpagetoday

  • Building Healthy Adults Starts in Childhood

  • Health Tip: Choose Your Day to Quit Smoking

  • Celebrity smokers

  • Know the signs of drug use, addiction

  • The 5 C’s of Effective Discipline: Setting Rules for Children #mhsm #mentalhealth

  • Infant Acetaminophen Dosage Change May Cause Confusion

  • More teens continue to abuse marijuana than #cigarettes, and alcohol is still top substance of choice: #publichealth

  • New Year's Eve Party Ideas - How to help a friend #6 -

  • Childhood hypersensitivity linked to OCD: via @AddThis

  • Top 100 Mom Blogs — all the Best Mom Blogs via @babbleeditors

  • Help for Drinking Unpopular During Minor Injury Treatment

  • Parents' Smoking May Cause Vascular Damage in Children

  • MADD - Reflecting on 2011

  • Teens who smoke pot at risk for later schizophrenia, psychosis

  • Five Ways to Say No to Alcohol How to Refuse a Drink Without Offending Your Host or Companion

  • The Dangers of the Holiday Season 'Tis the Season to Be Careful Out There

  • Why we start talking about #drugs at a young age: Almost 90% of all smokers begin before age 19 #parenting

  • The 10 Hardest Drugs to Kick | The Fix: via @AddThis

  • 12 Apps for the 12 Steps | The Fix: via @AddThis

  • SAMHSA announces a working definition of “recovery” from mental disorders and substance use disorders http://www.samhsa.

  • Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer

  • How to Identify a High Functioning Drug Addict @

  • Medical News: Renewed Warning on Baby Acetaminophen -Pediatrics, General Pediatrics MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • A Prevention Message with an Unexpected Twist | The Partnership at

  • RT @psychcentral: Depression, Binge Eating Go Hand in Hand

  • Medical News: Industry Studies Obscure Harm from Tobacco Additives - from @medpagetoday

  • Mediterranean diet gives longer life, Swedish study suggests: via @AddThis

  • 90 percent increase in poisoning deaths since 1999, while deaths from car accidents have dropped 15 percent in the same period

  • During the past 3 decades, the number of drug poisoning deaths has increased sixfold, from 6,000 deaths in 1980 to over 36,500 in 2008," CDC

  • In 2008, poisoning deaths became the #1 cause of accidental deaths in the United States and the leading cause of injury death in 30 states

  • Sleep disorders common among police officers: via @AddThis

  • ASH: New Multiple Myeloma Drug Shows Early Promise - in Meeting Coverage, ASH: Hematology - from @medpagetoday

  • The role of Internet pharmacies in prescription drug abuse: via @AddThis

  • Drug Overdoses Kill More Americans Than Car Accidents: CDC - Yahoo! News
    170409026.html via @YahooNews

  • The hidden burden of high blood pressure

  • One trait has huge impact on whether alcohol makes you aggressive: via

  • Upcoming book chats are about holiday safety and Everything I ever learned about parenting , I learned at #Disneyland.

  • Teen and Young Adult Arrests on the Upswing-in Public Health & Policy, General Professional Issues- from @medpagetoday
  • Your Teen Probably Knows All About Synthetic Drugs (like Spice, K2 and Bath Salts) — You Should Too

  • Substance Abuse Often Plays Role in Child Neglect or Abuse in Kentucky | The Partnership at

  • Local Holiday Events to Compliment Your Disneyland Vacation – Part 1

  • Wow, Texting May Turn Teens Off Alcohol - in Pediatrics, General Pediatrics from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Text Messages Can Help Young Adults Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption | The Partnership at

  • Young adults drop exercise with move to college or university: via

  • Tobacco Companies Agree to Pay $6 Million to Support Tobacco Document Collection |Partnership at

  • Smoking Associated With Risk of Skin Cancer in Women, Study Finds | The Partnership at

  • Medical News: Lab Notes: Boozy Mice, Captive Viruses - in Lab Notes, Lab Notes from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Caffeine Withdrawal Recommended for Inclusion in DSM-5

  • Secondhand Coke? Detecting drug use in air samples

  • Teens Shun High Calorie Drinks - in Primary Care, Diet & Nutrition from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Ecstasy May Cause Long-Lasting Changes in the Brain, Study Suggests | The Partnership at

  • Finally some good news; Fish, Coffee, and Alcohol May Delay MS Progression

  • Cigarette And Alcohol Use At Historic Low Among Teens
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  • Experts Warn About Dangers of Holiday Drinking and Driving | The Partnership at

  • FDA Needs More Information on “Modified Risk” Tobacco Products, Report Concludes Partnership at

  • Caffeine study shows sport performance increase: via @AddThis

  • 'Ecstasy' May Cause Long-Term Changes in Brain Chemistry

  • American Diet Gets Failing Grade - in Primary Care, Diet & Nutrition from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • New Government Program Aims to Protect Children From Accidental Drug Overdoses |Partnership at

  • Department of Transportation Announces Nationwide Crackdown on Drunk Driving | The Partnership at

  • SCARY!!! Via @nprnews: Bootleg Liquor Kills 115 People In Eastern India

  • Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among teens: via @AddThis

  • Cannabis Augments Analgesic Effect of Opioids

  • Drugs, alcohol fuel child abuse and neglect in Kentucky

  • Programs to Prevent Depression in Kids Work - in Pediatrics, Preventive Care from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Oklahoma woman accused of cooking meth inside Walmart |
    meth-inside-Walmart via @ksdknews

  • News: Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among teens

  • Marijuana use among teens is up for the 4th straight year. Daily use rates now @ 30 year peak among HS seniors. #MTF11

  • 7 Deadly Queries to Never Ask a Teen-Guaranteed Turn Offs > #parenting #teens RT @micheleborba

  • Life after cigarettes: Compared w/ to smokers, quitters both happier more satisfied w/health:
    Tui0DoabL70.twitter via @AddThis

  • New York Mayor Launches Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force | The Partnership at

  • Chewing Khat Increases Risk in Cardiac Patients

  • New Partnership Between Facebook, SAMHSA and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -

  • Family-Based Program Reduces Substance Use Among African-American Teens | The Partnership at

  • Early Marijuana or Alcohol Use Related to Later Substance Use Disorders

  • Experts Question Parents’ Use of At-Home Drug Tests for Teens | The Partnership at

  • Testing Medications for the Treatment of Cocaine Dependence | The Partnership at

  • NFL Tries to Recruit Doctor Members of Congress to Encourage HGH Testing | The Partnership at

  • Filmmakers are hooked on addiction flicks,0,5671839.story

  • Like ABC7 and they’ll donate $1 to the Spark of Love Toy Drive! #sparkoflove

  • Is this true for you? Working moms feel better than stay-at-home moms, study finds:
    TudzAwn6C2w.twitter via @AddThis

  • Study: ADHD Drugs Safe for the Adult Heart - Cardiovascular, Myocardial Infarction-MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Texans Arrested for Drunk Driving May Have to Submit to Blood Tests | The Partnership at

  • New Evidence Addresses ADHD Meds and Adult CVD Risk

  • French Teen Drinking Raising Serious Concerns | The Partnership at

  • Treatment Admissions for Prescription Drug Abuse Jumped 430 Percent in 10 Years |Partnership at

  • Results from the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findingshttp://www.samhsa.

  • Biker's warning! EPO hits blood vessels to raise blood pressure in the brain:
    via @AddThis

  • The cortex plays an essential part in emotional learning: via @AddThis

  • The transcripts from this morning's book chat is available on our website

  • Medical News: ADHD Drug Helpful in Adult Depression - in Psychiatry, Depression from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Tips for enjoying happy, sober holidays -- Hazelden: via @AddThis

  • Prisoners in Michigan Making Homemade Alcohol From Oranges | The Partnership at

  • Kids of Depressed Moms More Apt to Suffer Mental Disorders

  • Appalachian Group Takes Key Role in National Rx Drug Abuse Summit | The Partnership at
  • One-Third of Driving Deaths Linked to Alcohol, Government Reports | The Partnership at

  • U.S. House Votes to Ban Synthetic Drugs Including “Bath Salts” and “Spice” | The Partnership at

  • High School Student Critically Injured in DUI Crash,0,7235732.story

Are parents responsible for teen drinking, even if they don’t know about it?
teen-drinking-even-if-they-dont-know-about-it#.TuIuZgi0aNt.twitter via @todaymoms

Emergency Department Visits Involving Illicit Drug Use among Females | SAMHSA: via @AddThis

  • NBA Players Union Urges Members to Agree to More Drug Testing | The Partnership at

  • Moms, it very important for you to take care of you - Suicide Risks for Pregnant and Postpartum Women Identified

  • Nearly 90 percent of adult smokers began smoking before they turned 18. Help @SmokefreeTeen decrease that number....

  • Women’s Binge Drinking in College Linked with Sexual Assault Risk | The Partnership at

  • Helping smokers quit-report rates states most and least to help smokers quit.

  • ADHD, Control Freak, Or Both? Read this blog post - or not - I'm with you Zoe! ADHD from A to Zoë
    or-both/ via @psychcentral

  • Kids' Cereals Loaded With Sugar - in Primary Care, Diet & Nutrition from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Psychopathy: A misunderstood personality disorder: via @AddThis
  • New Year's Deadliest Day For Pedestrians: Drunk Walking As Lethal As Drunk Driving: via @AddThis

U.S. Drug Agents Launder Profits of Mexican Cartels:

Your kids are watching you... Parents Influence Teens’ Decisions About Drunk or Drugged Driving, Study Finds |

16 years of complaining about energy drinks - glad its getting around... NCAA, other leagues monitoring energy drinks

Opinion: Holiday season provides temptation for underage drinking |

  • Parents: Choking game, not suicide, killed 10-year-old
    old#.Tt-6VjEUg14.twitter via @msnbc_us

This is why we didn't tweet the original article-Anti-Drug Leaders Respond to Study:Medical Marijuana & Traffic Deaths

Parent warning: I see all kinds of danger with this one: Alcoholic Popsicles Will Be Sold in Arizona |

New Jersey Assembly Approves Bill to Allow Syringes to be Sold Without Prescription -

Two Key Questions are Focus of New Teen Alcohol Screener for Pediatricians | The Partnership at

  • Hypertensive Teens Often Passed Over for Meds - in Cardiovascular, Hypertension from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Childhood maltreatment associated with cerebral gray matter reductions in adolescents:
    Tt6robOQVH4.twitter via @AddThis

  • Headaches after traumatic brain injury highest in adolescents and girls, study finds:
    Tt6NIJxf3Kw.twitter via @AddThis

  • Daily alcohol more dangerous: A Sobering Look at Alcohol: 10-Year Study Finds High Death Rate-The Atlantic via @AddThis

  • American Society of Clinical Oncology issues annual report on progress against cancer:
    Tt4mfMvT2Gw.twitter via @AddThis

  • Kids born just a few weeks early at risk of behavioral problems, study suggests:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • More Opioids Purchased Online as “Pill Mills” Close in Florida | The Partnership at

  • Foster Children Much More Likely to be Overly Medicated with Psychotropic Drugs | Partnership at

Critics of School Zero-Tolerance Policies Say Principals Need More Flexibility | Partnership at

  • Happy Birthday to our dear departed Walt Disney, imagine how much more he could have shared with us-he died @ 65 of lung cancer from smoking

  • New ADHD gene study points to defects in brain signaling pathways: via

  • “Deep Dive” sessions allow a dreamer’s to explore a current interest through real-world career scenarios #DisneyDreams #DDA #DisneyDreams
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  • SAMHSA News: What Military Patients Want Civilian Providers to Know | SAMHSA:
    Civilian-Providers-to-Know/SAM11-193#.Tto0Bx8mWKk.twitter via @AddThis

  • Foster Kids Get Unneeded Psych Drugs, GAO Says - in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Alcohol Abuse More Detrimental to the Female Brain

  • Alcohol Watchdogs Target Supersized Alcopops as Urgent Issue | The Partnership at

  • Recent Trends in Menthol Cigarette Use | SAMHSA:
    via @AddThis

  • CVS Says it Will Not Fill Prescriptions for Some Opioids in Florida | The Partnership at

  • reading from @time Why Are So Many Foster Care Children Taking Antipsychotics?

  • I am fortunate to work w/ several great special needs schools - As a visiting educator, I learn many wonderful tools for kids. #tck

  • Self soothing and self medicating has become a passion for us to talk to educators and parents.Teachers don't know how to recognize it #TCK

  • At a conference we have a bigger audience.#tck

  • We speak about special needs at conferences esp. for bright kids with special needs as they are high risk for drugs.#tck

  • Hallucinogens Being Studied For Therapeutic Purposes | The Partnership at

  • The Trouble With Bright Kids - Businessweek

  • Obama Administration Appeals Ruling on Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels | The Partnership at

  • Anti-Smoking Programs Pay Off - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Frequent 'heading' in soccer can lead to brain injury and cognitive impairment:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Gross info: Eyeball shots and other stupid ways teens (purportedly) use alcohol - Health via @BostonGlobe

  • Treating Smoking Like a Chronic Disease Improves Quit Rates | The Partnership at

  • Majority of Doctors Return to Practice Within a Few Years of Addiction Treatment | Partnership at

  • Can a New “Mother’s Little Helper” Solve Our Sleep Struggles?

  • Via @nprnews: Treatment, Not Jail, For Low Level Drug Crimes

  • A Little Nicotine Delivers Big Results - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Depression can lead to heart disease, study suggests: via @AddThis

  • For our special needs moms and dads:

  • Boys w/regressive autism, but not early onset autism, have larger brains than age-matched healthy counterparts, study: http://www.sciencedaily.

  • A Little Nicotine Delivers Big Results - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Smoking cessation interventions appear to be effective for some current smokers:
    TtTp71t3PZo.twitter via @AddThis

  • Baseball Labor Deal Limits Smokeless Tobacco Use by Players But Doesn’t Ban It Partnership at

  • Rappers Take Alcohol Endorsements to a New Level | The Partnership at

  • Rise in Prescription Stimulant Abuse Concerns College Administrators | The Partnership at

  • Brain imaging, behavior research reveals physicians learn more by paying attention to failure:
    TtJHdt7F0bc.twitter via @AddThis

  • Emergency Department Visits Involving Energy Drinks | SAMHSA:
    1122#.TtEFSJYLI8c.twitter via @AddThis

  • Acetaminophen OD More Deadly if Taken in Stages - Pain Management from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Coffee Linked to Lower Endometrial Cancer Risk

  • Acetaminophen: Repeated Use of Slightly Too Much Can Be Fatal

  • Drug laws fail to protect children, experts say: via @AddThis

  • Terrific clip of Carol Dweck discussing her work. #mindset

  • MLB New Rules: Players arrested for DWI will be required to undergo mandatory evaluation.

  • MLB -Players, managers &coaches may not use smokeless tobacco products during televised interviews & may not carry them in their uniforms.

  • Abnormal levels of caffeine in water indicate human contamination: via

  • Energy Drinks Send Thousands to the ER Each Year

  • Study Links Coffee to Lower Risk of Endometrial Cancer - Yahoo! News via

  • NIH study examines nicotine as a gateway drug

  • Higher Drinking Age May Protect Women from Harm - in Primary Care, Domestic Violence MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Checking out "Reduce DUIs in Coronado with Rides by Request" on Coronado Island (

  • Methamphetamine Use Linked to Schizophrenia

  • We thought we'd heard it all until this... Man Arrested After Killing, Eating A Bobcat While High On Meth,

  • Aggressive Children More Likely to Be Sick Adults

  • Lower Cognitive Performance With Secondary Smoke Exposure

  • Study Finds College Students’ Impulsivity and Aggression Linked to Heavy Drinking

  • Joining the Ranks of Former Smokers

  • A very interesting idea: Can smaller pack size help smokers quit? #cnn

  • Did you quit smoking on Thursday? if so, you are at the 48 hour point. Keep going! Make it one more day and then another and another.

  • Male Offspring of Cocaine-Using Rats Less Likely to Be Attracted to the Drug | The Partnership at

  • Happy belated birthday to Mickey Mouse - 83 years young! It all started with a mouse. Notice that Disney Characters don't do drugs?

  • Funding Cuts Endanger California Prescription Drug Monitoring Database | The Partnership at

  • 35 Attorneys General Ask FTC to Limit Amount of Alcohol in Single-Serving Can | The Partnership at

  • Lower Cognitive Performance With Secondary Smoke Exposure

  • Study of Twins Suggests Genetic Factor May Play Role in Quitting Smoking | The Partnership at

  • What are the Impacts of Good Samaritan Laws? | The Partnership at

  • what on earth happened to my recording of regis and kelly this morning? anybody know where to find it online?

  • Our actions really do follow our language-NY man wearing 'I'm a drunk' shirt accused of DWI -
    202632621.html via @YahooNews

  • Chronic Drinking May Weaken Brain Connections - in Psychiatry, Addictions from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Training in 'concrete thinking' can be self-help treatment for depression, study suggests:
    TsZo8aT1iqc.twitter via @AddThis

  • The Great American Smokeout is all day - set your goal for midnight to quit. SAMHSA’s Role in Tobacco Cessation -

  • More Employers are Requiring Workers Who Smoke to Pay Extra for Health Care | The Partnership at

  • Most Adolescents Outgrow Self-Harm Behavior

  • Drinking on the Rise, But Habits Vary by Region | The Partnership at

  • Alcoholics' 'injured brains' work harder to complete simple tasks: may recruit other brain regions:
    htm#.TsUjGQOkt1E.twitter via @AddThis

  • Police find major drug tunnel under U.S.-Mexico border via @reuters

  • Psychiatric Drug Use Spreads via @WSJ

  • Judge Extends Temporary Restraining Order on Missouri College Drug Testing Program Partnership at

  • Lower Legal Drinking Age Linked to Higher Risk for Homicide, Suicide in Women | The Partnership at

  • President Obama: Congratulations to Everyone Taking Part in Today's Great American Smokeout

  • Watching less TV, being more active & sleeping more is linked to a healthy body weight in young children: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/11/111115175349.htm#.TsUMmk9EZzc.twitter via @AddThis

  • The serotonin system in women's brains is damaged more readily by alcohol than that in men’s brains: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/11/111115175354.htm#.TsRd2OvdaVg.twitter via @AddThis

  • Lower Legal Drinking Age Linked to Higher Risk for Homicide, Suicide in Women | The Partnership at

  • The Great American Smokeout is tomorrow - The 9 best tips to quit smoking - via @USATODAY

  • Smart Kids More Likely to Try Illicit Drugs as Young Adults: MedlinePlus: via @AddThis

  • MADD National/State-by-State Ratings-Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving 5th Anniversary Report via @AddThis

  • Old Version of OxyContin That is Easier to Abuse is Smuggled in From Canada | The Partnership at

  • Teen Girls With Family History of Breast Cancer Should Avoid Alcohol |

  • Number of Newborns Exposed to Prescription Painkillers Increasing | The Partnership at

  • Focus on testing hurts students in high school health classes: via

  • The Most at Risk: The Most Ignored | The Partnership at

  • Marijuana Arrests Account for 52% of All U.S. Drug Abuse Violation Arrests 2010 While Heroin &Cocaine Arrests Decline http://www.cesar.umd.

  • Large Study: Substance Use Disorder and the Risk of Open-angle Glaucomahttp://journals.lww.

  • Routine head hits in school sports may cause brain injury: via @AddThis

  • Whoopi Goldberg, "We tip our dreads to Justin Timberlake" No Drugs, but great character! http://www.nypost.

  • Iowa Calls System to Reduce Sales of Meth Ingredient a Success | The Partnership at

  • Primary Care Doctors Grapple With Treating Pain as Prescription Drug Abuse Grows |Partnership at

  • K2 Linked to Heart Attacks in Teens - in Cardiovascular, Myocardial Infarction from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Heavy Methamphetamine, Marijuana Users at Increased Risk of Schizophrenia | The Partnership at

  • A must read for all parents! Irvine parents who let minors drink alcohol at parties face fines
    parties-irvine.html via @lanow

  • Volunteering and Helping Others Reduces Risk of Substance Use in Rural Adolescents Partnership at

  • In Britain, Painkillers Are More Difficult to Obtain Than in the United States

  • Depression in young people increases risk of heart disease mortality: via

  • Almost 70 Percent of Smokers Want to Quit, But Few Do - The Great American Smokeout is coming

  • Marijuana Use and Adolescents: What Clinicians Need to Know | The Partnership at

  • Smoking Pot Shrinks the Brain - schizophrenia research

  • Many Smokers Want to Quit, but Few Succeed - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Veterans and Addiction: A Lifelong Battle

  • A Brief History of OD'ing in America via @TIMEHealthland

  • Quicker Liver Transplants for Recovering Alcoholics Result in Better Outcomes | The Partnership at

  • Background of Formal Religious Practice Helps Teens Get More Out of 12-Step Programs |

  • Campaign Aimed at Reducing Teen Methamphetamine Use Expands | The Partnership at

  • Risk-taking behavior rises until age 50: via @AddThis

  • Volunteering, helping others decreases substance use in rural teens, study finds:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • NJ woman accused of driving school bus while drunk: .25 BAC via @todayshow

  • Emergency Rooms Reported More than 14,000 Intentional Poisonings in 2009 | The Partnership at

  • Study Reports Link Between Alcohol References on Facebook and Problem Drinking Among College Students

  • Former football players prone to late-life health problems, study finds: via

  • Financial Stress May Lead Older Adults to Drink and Smoke More | The Partnership at

  • Antidepressant May Reduce Methamphetamine Use | The Partnership at

  • Prescription Opioid Addiction Can Be Treated with Suboxone, Study Shows | The Partnership at

  • Racial and ethnic variations in substance-related disorders among adolescents:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • AASLD: Alcohol Not Main Killer of Older Drinkers - in Meeting Coverage, AASLD from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Lawsuits Seek to Halt Federal Crackdown on California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries |

  • Judge Rules Tobacco Companies Don’t Have to Put Graphic Labels on Cigarette Packages |

  • Substance Use is Widespread Among Native American, White and Mixed-Race Youth | The Partnership at

  • Nurse Leaders Advocate for Role in Screening, Intervention and Referral | The Partnership at

  • Case Report: Myocardial Infarction Associated With Use of the Synthetic Cannabinoid K2

  • Cigarette Warnings Up in Smoke as Judge Blocks Rule - Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • They should poll the teachers for behavorial change - Banning Soda in Schools Ineffective - from @medpagetoday

  • Castles in the desert: Satellites reveal lost cities of Libya: no drugs, just interesting
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Fatherhood can help change a man's bad habits: via @AddThis

  • A policy???s smoke screen - Health via @BostonGlobe

  • DEA Commando-Style Squads Battling Drug Cartels in Latin America | The Partnership at

  • Recent Veterans Enrolled in College More Likely to Smoke, Drink than Non-Veteran Peers |

  • Almost 200 Tons of Prescription Medications Collected on Third Drug Take-Back Day

  • Mom Alert! This is NOT SAFE- Mailing "chickenpox lollipops" called illegal, risky : via @CBSNews

  • The most insane thing I've heard today! Mailing "chickenpox lollipops" called illegal, risky : via @CBSNews

  • Medical News: Kids Still Getting Too Many Antibiotics-Pediatrics, General Pediatrics MedPage Today- from @medpagetoday

  • Location of Stroke a Factor in Smoking Cessation - in Cardiovascular, Strokes from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • For my oncologist - HA! AACR-FCPR: Liquor, Smoking Linked to Lower Myeloma Risk - - from @medpagetoday

  • Substance Abuse Rife Among Homeless With Mental Illness

  • CDC Report on Prescription Painkiller Overdose is a Call To Action | The Partnership at

  • CA County Petition Drive Challenges Law That Would Shutter Medical Marijuana Clinics

  • Senate Approves Funding for Research on Alcohol Detection Devices for Cars | The Partnership at

  • Nicotine Acts as “Gateway” Drug to Cocaine, Study in Mice Finds | The Partnership at

  • Three to Six Drinks a Week Can Slightly Increase Risk of Breast Cancer | The Partnership at

  • Campus Recovery Programs: Integrating Relapse Prevention Strategies Into Comprehensive Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention

  • Congressmen Urge Major League Baseball to Test for HGH & Ban Chewing Tobacco | The Partnership at

  • Depression: a combination of environmental, psychological and genetic factors:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Adolescent amphetamine use linked to permanent changes in brain function and behavior:
    TrPhZYOFCy8.twitter via @AddThis

  • An issue we've had in Laguna Beach for 15 years - Soma abuse. see last tweet

  • Emergency Dept (ED) Visits Involving the Muscle Relaxant Carisoprodol | SAMHSA:
    Muscle-Relaxant-Carisoprodol/DAWN11-1027#.TrPfgXxTNrw.twitter via @AddThis

  • Impulsive versus controlled men: Disinhibited brains and disinhibited behavior:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Study Finds Teen Drug Use Not Affected by State Medical Marijuana Law | The Partnership at

  • FDA Announces Plan for $600 Million Campaign on Dangers of Tobacco Use | The Partnership at

  • Nicotine as a gateway drug: Biological mechanism in mice identified: via

  • Family-based intervention: Study shows promise for teen suicide prevention:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Part I: Dealing With Your Teen’s Relapse from Drug and Alcohol Addiction share

  • President Is ‘Tobacco Free,’ and ‘Fit at 50,’ Doctor Finds NY Times

  • Kentucky Cancer Center Advises Smokers to Switch to Smokeless Tobacco | The Partnership at

  • New Rules Shorten Sentences for Crack Cocaine-Related Crimes | The Partnership at

  • Number of Prescription Painkiller Deaths More Than Tripled in Last 10 Years | The Partnership at

  • White House Turns Down Petition to Legalize Marijuana - read why - good info on the human body

  • Underage drinking by black teens: via @AddThis

  • Low levels of alcohol consumption associated with small increased risk of breast cancer, study finds: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/11/111101171025.htm#.TrGM50Nj1M8.twitter via @AddThis

  • Pediatrician Group Calls for Routine Drug and Alcohol Screening for Teens | The Partnership at

  • Ohio Says it is Making Dent in Prescription Drug Epidemic | The Partnership at

  • Even Moderate Drinking Can Raise the Long-Term Risk of Some Types of Cancer | The Partnership at

  • Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Pediatricians

  • Parent Alert: Alcohol laced gummy bears - Boozy bears.

  • Majority of Nonmedical Users of Prescription Pain Relievers Get the Drugs from Friends/Relatives
  • Medical News: ADHD Meds Won't Hurt Kids' Hearts - in Cardiovascular, Strokes from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • More Companies Raising Rates for Employees Who Smoke | The Partnership at

  • Smoker's impact lingers after quitting: impaired pancreatic duct cell function, colorectal cancer risk:
    htm#.TrAcZ2Z3lF4.twitter via @AddThis

  • Do deficits in brain cannabinoids contribute to eating disorders?: via

  • Influencing craving for cigarettes by stimulating the brain: via @AddThis

  • Doctors' own alcohol consumption colors advice to patients: via

  • NIH Testing Cigarettes With Lower Nicotine Content | The Partnership at

  • Dr. Nora Volkow: Reaching the American Teenager During National Drug Facts Week-The Partnership at

  • How people die from drinking – The Chart - Blogs via @cnn

  • 64 Sailors to Be Kicked Out for Drug Use: via @AddThis

  • Halloween Is Scary, But Adolescence is Scarier

  • 2.5 million California children still at risk of secondhand smoke exposure:
    via @AddThis

  • Demand for Cheap Cigarettes in New York Fuels Underground Market | The Partnership at

  • MDs Fail to Screen for Excessive Alcohol Use in Young Adults

  • How To Get High (Naturally) | The Fix: via @AddThis

  • Marijuana-laced Halloween candy has LA sheriffs on alert - Currently reading

  • Annual Chest X-Rays Don’t Reduce Lung Cancer Death Rate | The Partnership at

  • Florida’s Prescription Drug Trafficking Law Bases Sentences on Weight of Narcotics |

  • | 10/24/2011 | Red Ribbon Week: The cocaine road - from Colombia to Columbus: via @AddThis
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  • Clues to young children's aggressive behavior uncovered by new study:
    via @AddThis

  • Heavy Alcohol Consumption Linked With Greater Lung Cancer Risk | The Partnership at

  • FDA: Smoking Cessation Drug Does Not Cause More Psychiatric Hospitalizations Than Nicotine Patches

  • Strawberries protect the stomach from alcohol, rat experiments suggest:
    via @AddThis

  • Doctor suggests tabloids publish daily smoking death toll: via @AddThis

  • States Use Databases to Target “Drug Tourists” | The Partnership at

  • Coroner: Amy Winehouse died from too much alcohol - 5 times the legal limit of alcohol! RIP - Yahoo! OMG! via @yahooomg

  • Harsh discipline fosters dishonesty in young children, study suggests: via

  • Mentoring programs: How effective are they?: via @AddThis

  • Harsh discipline fosters dishonesty in young children, study suggests: via

  • Finally some good news: Coffee consumption associated with decreased risk for basal cell carcinoma: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/10/111024172648.htm#.TqdBtMX2Jiw.twitter via @AddThis

  • High fizzy soft drink consumption linked to violence among teens: via

  • Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Youth: A Practitioner's Guide from NIAAA

  • Doctors happily cite alcohol as cause of death, but not smoking, for fear of stigmatization, UK study:
    htm#.TqbA6z0Eers.twitter via @AddThis

  • Great article on Teenage Brains in National Geographic

  • Why teens are wired for risk #cnn

  • Suicide Rates Vary by Region: CDC

  • Blank Prescription Pads Stolen From New York Hospitals | The Partnership at

  • 'Bath Salt' Street Drugs Temporarily Banned

  • Wal-Mart Raises Health Premiums for Smokers | The Partnership at

  • MLB May Issue Alcohol Ban in Baseball Clubhouses | The Partnership at

  • CDC report: antidepressant use on the rise

  • Food Industry Fight Mimics War Against Big Tobacco - from @medpagetoday

  • Many Songs Popular With Teens Promote Alcohol | The Partnership at

  • Now reading : Fighting the scourge of "pill mills" : false via @CBSNews

  • New 'Return to Class' Protocol for Kids With Concussion

  • Some California Medical Marijuana Shops Are Closing | The Partnership at

  • Chemicals Used in "Bath Salts” Now Under Federal Control and Regulation

  • The Age 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law

  • NIH Study Finds Hospitalization Increase for Alcohol and Other Drug Overdoses

  • Autistic brains develop more slowly than healthy brains, researchers say:
    via @AddThis

  • Maine Sees Surge in Newborns Exposed to Opioids | The Partnership at

  • School Nurses Can Help Some Teen Boys Quit Smoking in the Short Term | The Partnership at

  • Smoking's Effect on Lungs Similar to Cystic Fibrosis: Study

  • Easy to Mistake Medicine for Candy-study run by 2 elementary school kids, tots & teachers got mixed up 20% of the time

  • Is drinking on the mommy job a no-no?
    via @todayshow

  • Drunk Driving Rates Remain High:

  • College Students’ Impulsivity and Aggression Linked to Heavy Drinking | The Partnership at

  • Some States Implement Stricter Regulations on Doctors Who Prescribe Opioids | The Partnership at

  • Senators Ask Baseball Players Union to Agree to Chewing Tobacco Ban at World Series

  • 40% of U.S. Youth Report Seeing Pictures of Alcohol & Drug Use on Social Networking Sites Before Age 16

  • Teens Who Spend Any Time on Social Networking Sites in a Day More Likely to Report Tobacco, Alcohol, or Marijuana Use http://www.cesar.umd.

  • Fatal crashes in the US: Fewer Canadian drivers under the influence: via

  • The 4 Most Common Causes of Addiction Relapse (Part 2) via @huffingtonpost

  • “Bath Salts” Bans Seem to Be Reducing Use of the Drugs in Some States | The Partnership at

  • African-American Women More Likely Than Men to Stick With Substance Abuse Counseling |

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption Costs U.S. $2 Per Drink | The Partnership at

  • Medicare to Cover Alcohol, Depression Screening - in Primary Care, Preventive Care MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Binge Drinking Tacks Billions on to Healthcare Costs - from @medpagetoday

  • 'Drunkorexia:' A recipe for disaster: via @AddThis

  • RT @psychcentral: Dopamine-Raising Medications May Help Cocaine Users Quit

  • We're proud to announce our new book The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention is out on http://www.milestogodrugeducation.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics expands ages for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children:
    htm#.Tpwz8CwNoNM.twitter via @AddThis

  • Heavy drinking undergraduates who are impulsive, aggressive may be at high risk for alcohol problems: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/10/111014162815.htm#.Tpm5rnM6mR8.twitter via @AddThis

  • Alcohol consumption greatly increases serious injury risk for heavy and moderate drinkers:
    Tpm006O-f-Q.twitter via @AddThis

  • Link between alcohol and harm is stronger in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden than in Italy:
    htm#.Tpmdc7Jile8.twitter via @AddThis

  • When Kids Are Young Moms Exercise Less #motherschecklist of Drug Prevention-Taking Care of You! from @medpagetoday

  • Increase in Drinking Seen as Unemployment Rises | The Partnership at

  • Federal Officials Tell California Marijuana Dispensaries to Shut Down | The Partnership at

  • New Tool Helps Pediatricians Talk to Teens About Alcohol Use | The Partnership at

  • White House and MADD Introduce New Campaign Against Drugged Driving | The Partnership at
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  • MilesToGoDrugEdMiles To Go It's official, The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention is available

  • Reversing smoke-induced damage and disease in the lung: via @AddThis

  • Tests to catch the makers of dangerous 'legal high' designer drugs: via

  • 56 Percent of Massachusetts Parents Say Their Kids Have Access to Prescription Drugs at Home

  • Florida DUI Arrests Based on Defective Alcohol Breath Test Machines-The Partnership at

  • Synthetic Drug Labs Bring Big Money to Small Towns | The Partnership at

  • It's official, The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention is available

  • #motherschecklist - Human development experts recommend tuning in to family, not devices:
    TpbpZG1RUzg.twitter via @AddThis

  • Smoking cigarettes simulates cystic fibrosis: via @AddThis

  • Schoolyard Bullies Often Turn Into Violent Adults

  • Almost 1,600 Welfare Applicants in Florida Decline to Undergo Drug Testing | The Partnership at

  • Smoking at Current Levels Could Cause Tuberculosis Rates to Climb | The Partnership at

  • Help Hold the NFL & the NFL Players Association to Their Word on HGH Testing -

  • The Dangerous World of Counterfeit Prescription Drugs - These are not the same as generic medicines!

  • Brains of Violent Offenders, Substance Abusers Differ

  • Mandatory Drug Testing at Missouri College Stirs Fierce Debate | The Partnership at

  • Films With Smoking Are Less Profitable | The Partnership at

  • Parents, Officials Protest Marijuana-Shaped Candy | The Partnership at

  • ADHD Awareness Week from SAMHSA

  • Stroke Prevention May Come Coated in Chocolate - in Cardiovascular, Strokes from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • How much can the brain recover from years of excessive alcohol consumption?: Scientific American
    can-the-brain-recover&WT.mc_id=SA_sharetool_Twitter via @sciam

  • Any high school students found drinking while visiting Ohio University would risk losing their acceptance letter

  • When the College Tour Takes a Detour to a Keg Party:

  • Community Effort Can Decrease Teen Drinking and Smoking, Study Finds | The Partnership at

  • An Average of 15.6 Years Elapses Between First Substance Use and Treatment | The Partnership at

  • Big Tobacco Out Billions, but Still Kicking After Settlement - from @medpagetoday

  • Federal Officials Tell California Marijuana Dispensaries to Shut Down | The Partnership at

  • OBESITY: Girls Happy With Their Bodies Don't Binge Eat - OBESITY from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • Jonesing for java: Could caffeine use predict risk for cocaine abuse?: via

  • Alcoholism, Drug Addiction Among Seniors Expected To Triple By 2020 via @huffingtonpost

  • Stress Leads People with Family History of Alcoholism to Drink | The Partnership at

  • Marijuana Use By Drivers Linked With Increased Risk of Motor Vehicle Crashes | The Partnership at

  • Doctors Often Miss Alcohol Screening Opportunities in Young Adults | The Partnership at

  • Calls Grow for Mandatory Education for Physician Opioid Prescribing | The Partnership at

  • Marijuana use may double the risk of accidents for drivers, study finds: via

  • Children of Alcoholics Drink More When Stressed - Yahoo! News via @YahooNews

  • Drunken Dutch motorists to have special lock on their cars -
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  • 4 Million in U.S. Admit Drunk Driving - This is why MADD keeps going!

  • MADD - Safe Party Guide

  • Men Who Use Cocaine Increase Risk of Glaucoma | The Partnership at

  • Can peer mentors help teens lose weight? New strategies for combatting teen obesity:
    To3qm9GqFvM.twitter via @AddThis

  • How chronic stress short-circuits parenting - important subject in the #motherschecklist book
    To3hgzr4H_o.twitter via @AddThis

  • Nonmed. Use-Prescription Pain Relievers/Tranquilizers More Prevalent Than All Types of Illicit Drugs Except Marijuana http://www.cesar.umd.

  • Smokers Have Heart Attacks Earlier Than Nonsmokers-women more than men to need emergency treatment 6 months later

  • Medical News: Teen Use of ADHD Meds Up Sharply - in Pediatrics,

  •  Smokers Twice as Likely as Nonsmokers to Suffer a Stroke | The Partnership at

  • SCARY 1,700 college student deaths each year are alcohol related! via

  • Social media sites may reveal information about problem drinking among college students:
    TosEZHrA85c.twitter via @AddThis

  • Get ready Moms The #MothersChecklist of Drug Prevention is being published! retweets welcome.

  •  US Smoking Rates Vary Widely by Profession

  •  WoW, this is very sad for Miles To Go to report: UNH Is Buzzing About Energy Drink Sales Ban via @huffingtonpost

  • Interesting solution to drug disposal - Maine Considers Composting Unused Medications | The Partnership at

  • US Smoking Rates Vary Widely by Profession -- How does a chef taste food as a smoker?

  • Grease actor Jeff Conaway's death ruled accidental- RIP-a sad drug related loss of life & addiction at its worst. #cnn

  • Arrest of Boeing Workers Highlights Prescription Drug Abuse Problems in the Workplace | The Partnership at

  • Very Important, but will our kids read it? Four Loko Maker Agrees to Show Alcohol Content on Can Label

  • Electronic cigarettes: Help or hazard?

  • Medical News: In Post-'Mad Men' World, Smoking Is Blue Collar Habit - from @medpagetoday

  • Alcohol impairs the body's ability to fight off viral infection, study finds: via

  • Young adults want to recover from addiction but need help to make it happen, study suggests:
    TonUW3w0ke8.twitter via @AddThis

  • Getting people to kick the cigarette habit pays more than tobacco taxes. RT @SciAm

  • Government Says Medical Marijuana Patients Cannot Own Firearms | The Partnership at

  •  Friends of Teen’s Romantic Partner Can Influence Drinking Habits | The Partnership at

  • eeekkkk! Smoking Rates Highest Among Workers in Mining, Construction & Food Services | The Partnership at

  • Teen Use of ADHD Meds Up Sharply - - from @medpagetoday

  • Single dose of 'magic mushrooms' hallucinogen may create lasting personality change, study suggests: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/09/110929074205.htm#.ToX0wSNGdos.twitter via @AddThis

  • Cocaine users have 45 percent increased risk of glaucoma: via @AddThis

  • Old Treatment May Offer New Hope for Smoking Cessation

  • Local Governments in Southern States Look to Alcohol to Boost Revenues | The Partnership at

  •  Smoking linked to chronic pain in women: via @AddThis

  •  Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk but kept quiet, study suggests: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/09/110928142450.htm#.ToShIL2jz6c.twitter via @AddThis

  • Teenage mind: First time evidence links over interpretation of social situations to personality disorder: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/09/110928142454.htm#.ToSWYSrrNw0.twitter via @AddThis

  • Brain imaging study shows physiological basis of dyslexia: via @AddThis

  • Alcohol-related behavior changes: Blame your immune system: via

  • California Reports Drop in Tobacco Sales to Minors | The Partnership at

  • As minds get quicker, teenagers get smarter: via @AddThis

  • People learn while they sleep, study suggests: via @AddThis

  • Asians fighting alcoholism may benefit from new study: via @AddThis

  • Red Wine Polyphenols Do Not Lower BP

  • Company Developing Device to Check Driver’s Blood Alcohol Level Through Skin | The Partnership at

  • Some Restaurant Chains Decide Alcohol Poses Too Many Problems | The Partnership at

  • Sleepy Teens at Risk for Troubling Behavior - in Pediatrics, General Pediatrics from MedPage Today - from @medpagetoday

  • 37,485 Annual Drug Deaths Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

  • Stronger tobacco control policy in the Netherlands would save thousands of lives:
    ToIbPGXEsAM.twitter via @AddThis

  • Increased caffeinated coffee consumption associated with decreased risk of depression in women:
    htm#.ToIINgekpIw.twitter via @AddThis

  • Drug Shows Promise in Treating Smoker’s Cough | The Partnership at

  •  Movie Theater Chain Considers Serving Alcohol in NY-sounds like a smelly responsibility-not good for recovering people

  •  Baseball Commissioner Pushes to Ban Chewing Tobacco on the Field | The Partnership at

  • Spanking Leads To Child Aggression And Anxiety, Regardless Of Cultural Norm:
    twitter via @AddThis

  • University students who use cannabis, tobacco and alcohol take too many non-prescribed drugs:
    htm#.Tn-BKtpgJB8.twitter via @AddThis

  • Speaking of walks, our team is open for registration for the Walk Like MADD 5/12/12

  • R.J. Reynolds Says It Won’t Stop Using Colorado as Test Market for Dissolvable Tobacco |

  • Major Texas Medical Center Announces It Will Not Hire Nicotine Users | The Partnership at

  • Single-sex schooling does not improve academic performance and can lead to gender stereotyping
    htm#.Tnzj6fBFwxs.twitter via @AddThis

  • New study proposes public health guidelines to reduce the harms from cannabis use:
    TnzjrZMSQKw.twitter via @AddThis

  • New study proposes public health guidelines to reduce the harms from cannabis use:
    TnzgE_uM08A.twitter via @AddThis

  • Global Smoke-Free Worksite Challenge Issued at Clinton Global Initiative | The Partnership at

  • Deadly trend: teens huffing Freon from air conditioner units to get high

  • Tobacco Industry Asks for Temporary Injunction to Block New Graphic Cigarette Ads | The Partnership at

  • Global Smoke-Free Worksite Challenge Issued at Clinton Global Initiative | The Partnership at

  • Extent of peer social networks influences onset of adolescent alcohol consumption:
    TntgDTMjqkQ.twitter via @AddThis

  • Quitting Smoking Could Give Memory a Boost

  • What are "bath salts?" How are they abused and what are the potential consequences of abuse?

  • The Importance of Family Dinners VII

  • Good Samaritan Law Takes Effect in New York | The Partnership at

  •  UN Meeting Results in Agreement to Tackle Smoking, Excessive Drinking | The Partnership at

  • New Guidelines Set for Alcohol Companies on Social Networking Sites | The Partnership at

  • New Guidelines Set for Alcohol Companies on Social Networking Sites | The Partnership at

  • Jump in Hospitalizations for Drug and Alcohol Overdoses Among Young Adults | The Partnership at

  • RT @psychcentral: Half of Dutch Teens Have Mild Psychotic Experiences Regularly

  • Stopping smoking boosts everyday memory, research finds: via @AddThis

  • Good night's sleep may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes in obese teens: via

  • Living alone is associated with an increased risk of alcohol-related deaths, Finnish study finds:
    TnnimB9tXRg.twitter via @AddThis

  • More than a sign of sleepiness, yawning may cool the brain: via @AddThis

  • Alcohol Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk

  • Exercise Can Help Teen Boys Quit Smoking | The Partnership at

  • Popularity of “Bath Salts” Exploding | The Partnership at

  • Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show,0,5517691.story

  • We are thrilled to say: The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention: All The Little Things We Say and Do is finished & off to the publisher!

  • Small But Growing Number of Doctors Face Criminal Charges Over Prescription Drugs | The Partnership at

  • Department of Transportation Proposes Rule to Ban Electronic Cigarettes on Planes | The Partnership at

  • Alcohol metabolism causes DNA damage and triggers a breast cancer-related DNA damage response: http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/09/110915163508.htm#.TnThAWqxvEo.twitter via @AddThis

  • Chronic drinking leads to reduced cortical thickness in frontal and temporal brain regions:
    TnTg3IIKJTQ.twitter via @AddThis

  • College Smoking Bans Help Reduce Student Smoking, Study Suggests | The Partnership at

  • International Call for Doctors to Take Lead in Reducing Alcohol Misuse | The Partnership at

  • People born after World War II are more likely to binge drink, develop alcohol disorders, study finds:
    htm#.TnS-OZg7Q7Q.twitter via @AddThis

  • Too many alcohol ads reaching youth on the radio? - Radio & Television Business Report
    &utm_medium=email via @RBRTVBR

  • Polls Finds Few Parents Believe Their Own Teens Are Drinking or Smoking Marijuana | The Partnership at

  • Task Force Finds That Holding Alcohol Retailers Liable Can Reduce Deaths and Injuries

  • Lung Cancer Rates Dip as Smoking Declines | The Partnership at

  • Growing Number of Children Accidentally Poisoned by Prescription Drugs | The Partnership at

  • Uncertainty Surrounds Use of Synthetic Drugs, Expert Says | The Partnership at

  • Campus smoking ban reduced students' smoking, changed attitudes: via

  • Kentucky Clinic Stops Writing New Prescriptions for Xanax Due to Abuse Concerns | The Partnership at

  • UN Says Amphetamine-Type Stimulants Second Most Commonly Abused Drugs | The Partnership at

  • Missouri College Requires All Students to Undergo Drug Testing | The Partnership at

  • Alcohol Has Become Important Cause of Death in Patients With Type I Diabetes | The Partnership at

  • RT @psychcentral: Smoking Cessation Can Improve Personality in Young Adults

  • Wants EU Call for Online Anorexia Crack Down

  • Spain Wants EU Call for Online Anorexia Crack Down

  • Primary schoolchildren that sleep less than 9 hours do not perform as well academically #motherschecklist http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/09/110913103110.htm#.TnCrnFW4mH0.twitter via @AddThis

  • Study Explores How Alcoholics Anonymous Helps Members Stay Sober | The Partnership at

  • Million Hearts Initiative Aims To Prevent 1 Million Heart Attacks and Strokes in 5 Years

  • Uncertainty Surrounds Use of Synthetic Drugs, Expert Says | The Partnership at

  • Enzyme might be target for treating smoking, alcoholism at same time:
    via @AddThis

  • Quitting smoking enhances personality change: via @AddThis

  • Internet Sites Sell Synthetic Drugs, Frustrating Authorities | The Partnership at

  • reading from @time How We Cope: What Do Addiction Rates After 9/11 Tell Us?

  • WOW! Parents’ Drinking May Increase Risk of Children’s Driving Under the Influence | The Partnership at

  • Elderly at Risk for Prescription Drug Abuse | The Partnership at

  • Addiction a Brain Disease, ASAM Says

  • Early motor experiences give infants a social jump start #motherschecklist
    twitter via @AddThis

  • Television's Most Realistic Addicts - Here's a little pop culture among the news The Fix: via @AddThis

  • Study: One in four look down on smokers: I wonder what this study would have said 50 years ago? via @USATODAY

  • DEA Moves to Emergency Control Synthetic Stimulants Agency Will Study Whether To Permanently Control Three Substanceshttp://www.justice.

  • Illicit Drug Use among Older Adults | SAMHSA: via

  • Worrying rise in alcohol related deaths among patients with diabetes: via

  • Global Health Experts Say Curbing Drinking and Smoking Can Help Reduce Cancer | The Partnership at

  • DEA Orders Temporary Ban on “Bath Salts” | The Partnership at

  • Marijuana Use on the Rise, National Survey Finds | The Partnership at

  •   Drinking pattern linked to alcohol's effect on heart health: via @AddThis

  • Concerned w/ safety, hovering 'helicopter parents' can impede child’s ability to play #motherschecklist http://www.sciencedaily.
    com/releases/2011/09/110907124406.htm#.TmkbdZzFKF4.twitter via @AddThis
  • Spring flings may explain teen pregnancies peak: via @AddThis

  • Scientists identify key protein linked to acute liver failure from acetaminophen toxicity in mice:
    TmkULZb-qtk.twitter via @AddThis

  • Results from the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) | SAMHSA:
    Use-and-Health-NSDUH-/SMA11-4658#.TmkPvWVtzaQ.twitter via @AddThis

  • Liquor store density linked to youth homicides, U.S. studies find: via

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  • One drink a day may be related to good overall health in women when older:
    utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28ScienceDaily%3A+Latest+Science+News%29#.TmemqjUI8Gk.twitter via
  • Methamphetamine Use Rates Higher Among Workers in Western States | The Partnership at

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  • Living with a smoker increases absenteeism in school children, U.S. study confirms:
    utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28ScienceDaily%3A+Latest+Science+News%29#.TmZfy8N1qPA.twitter via
  • The emotional brain in youth-Research suggests how to diagnose/treat mood disorders - children/adolescents: http://www.sciencedaily.
    3A+Latest+Science+News%29#.TmVqdSVpCbE.twitter via @AddThis

  • School Absenteeism Among Children Living With Smokers
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