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    2009-2010 School Year Tweets

  1. SAMHSA reports that  kids who lived with smoking mothers suffering from depression had a smoking rate of 25.3%
  2. Increased risk of lung and nasal cancer in dogs and malignant lymphoma in cats from secondhand smoke
  3. Ireland research shows binge drinking rate is 3 times higher than the rest of the EU. But a high rate of sobriety has increased recently.
  4. Australia considering a plain box limitation for all cigarette products. No promotional text, standardized color, font & size.
  5. An interesting study shows that kids fail to see the signs of addiction as they smoke.
  6. Canadian study: higher rate of women reported alcohol & drug problems after abortion.
  7. Army soldiers seeking help for opiate addiction treatment (up 500% over 5 years) due to availability of heroin in Afghanistan.
  8. Reports that U.S. tobacco has more carcinogens than other countries looked at 1 of 4000 chemicals. Authors caution there is more to the story…
    in a bad way.
  9. Healthday news reports that men and women cite different reasons for abusing prescriptions opiate painkillers.
  10. We are outraged by a new tobacco product that looks exactly like candy! Surveys already show that kids don’t recognize the difference.
  11. U of Milan reports heavy drinking changes the cellular structure at the end of chromosomes – relating to cancer.
  12. Mothers who smoke have teens who smoke at a rate 3 times higher than teens with nonsmoking mothers.
  13. The journal Circulation reports that steroids cause significant heart damage in long term steroid users.
  14. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs: kids who watch R rated movies had a much higher rate of alcohol use.
  15. Several international studies have shown that there is a genetic marker for nicotine addiction.
  16. Sydney Morning Herald: Netherlands research-185 industrial uses of pigs include pig hemoglobin in cigarette filters. Jewish & Islamic
    communities will take this very seriously.
  17. A smoking vaccine is coming.
  18. SAMHSA survey shows that adolescents with respiratory conditions will still use inhalants to get high.
  19. New Interactive Tobacco Map Launched from RWJF:
  20. Liver cirrhosis higher risk among drinkers who are obese.
  21. Mexican cartels credited with expanded drug operations in US w/ increase in meth chemical production, heroin & marijuana. Cocaine shortages
  22. Study: Smokers build nicotine levels to a peak instead of a nicotine burst after each inhalation.
  23. Schools watch your search engines today for 420 – parents watch where your kids are at 4:20 PM it’s marijuana observance day.
  24. President Obama has signed the Prevent All Cigarettes Trafficking PACT Act preventing the US Postal service from delivering any tobacco
    products through the mail.
  25. Tulane U study: Spanking at age 3 leads to high levels of aggression by age 5. Have a study re: spanking leading to drug use, contact us @
  26. U.S. Navy is about to ban all smoking on subs – with 40% of submariners smoking, it’s a great move.
  27. FDA Panel is reviewing menthol cigarettes to find out if menthol makes it easier to smoke, harder to quit & targets African Americans. Cig.
    Makers defend menthol, duh!
  28. New blood tests can distinguish heavy drinkers from light and moderate drinkers.
  29. Study: Nicotine takes longer to reach the brain in addicted smokers because their smoking damaged lungs work less efficiently.
  30. British Study: Increasing alcohol prices can reduce alcohol related death and health care cost.
  31. Mexican drug cartels blamed for ongoing American deaths in Mexico.  
  32. SAMSHA report: inhalants popular-tweens due to perceived low risk of use. Time to talk about it again. Brain damage, cardiac arrest possible.
  33. Kansas joins the indoor smoking bans.
  34. Study: Death by cocaine overdoses occur more often on hot days due to the body temp rising from the drug.
  35. To compensate for the decline in smoking & create less fear about tobacco, Marlboro will launch new chew. THERE IS NO SAFE TOBACCO!
  36. Driving under the influence of prescription and illicit drugs is a growing problem
  37. Utah approves $1 per pack tobacco tax. One more reason that Utah will remain the lowest smoking state!!!
  38. Another large study proves teen marijuana smoking causes risk of schizophrenia & psychosis.
  39. Yes, Corey Haim will now go into Drugged and Dead. We’re sorry every time we add someone to the list.
  40. Breathe California gives Nine the Smokiest Movie of 2009. Thumbs up to Transformers for being completely SMOKE FREE.         
  41. Are parent giving up? New survey says, kids using more alcohol/drugs, but parents not doing much to help or stop the problems.
  42. CASA: 65 percent of all U.S. inmates meet medical criteria for substance abuse addiction, only 11 percent receive any treatment
  43. Bravo South Dakota killed legal drinking age of 19! More stats show teen alcohol use causes more accidents in underdeveloped livers & brains
  44. Tobacco packaging barely changes to comply with new law not allowing “light or mild” terms, but now they use color codes.
  45. 5+ drinks-12 x per year, but not daily heavy drinkers- 45 %t more likely to develop coronary heart disease than moderate drinkers.
  46. Colleges notifiying parents re: alcohol incidents “Students are more concerned about their parents being notified than for legal consequences”
    VA Tech.
  47. Xllnt idea: Parents Empowered-Utah: Sticky notes on Liquor Bottles “At your age, drinking is dangerous. So are really angry parents.”
  48. After alcohol poisoning death-frat charged w/felony hazing. Reform approved by Utah Senate. Leniency for help, but not free pass.
  49. US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that fatal car crashes from drunk driving rose among teen females.
  50. Stop telling your kids that smoking cigars & pipes isn’t addictive or carcinogenic! Lung damage still occurs even if you don’t inhale.
  51. WOW, more evidence that children with intense sweet tooth cravings had family history of alcoholism and depression.
  53. Thank You, Tiger!
  54. Smoking outside doesn't eliminate the problem, residues "follow a smoker back inside and spread everywhere," Lara Gundel Lawrence
    Berkeley National Laboratory.
  55. 3rd hand smoke – nicotine residue that accumulates on clothing, furniture and other surfaces from carcinogens absorbed in kid’s skin.
  56. 3 cheers for Italy! $140K fine for any athletes caught doping in 2010 Olympics.
  58. Cheap, sweet Scottish wine with 15 % alcohol & over 1200 mg caffeine is contributing to Scotland’s drinking problems & extensive crime.
  59. Take the Athlete’s Challenge
  60. Study shows raising cigarette tax $1 per pack could raise $9 billion for states and save $52.8 billion in healthcare.
  61. What??? Mexican drug cartels are attacking & running addiction treatment programs & recruiting addicts to work for them.
  62. Marines face charges for smoking legal herb Spice. Sold as incense; dangers & carcinogens of smoking designer herbs unknown. Lungs -
  63. Americans continue to drink more & drink cheaper brands during the recession while 3 million uninsured need addiction treatment.
  64. Ecstasy users -young, healthy, & NOT known drug users more likely to die due to higher Intrinsic Toxicity & under developed brain..
  65. We’ve said it for 15 years; another study dissolves the European drinking model of teaching kids to drink safely at a young age.
  66. In a large study of Alcoholics Anonymous researchers found attendees relapsed less and suffered less depression.
  67. Fame is the worst drug… We are a nation addicted to fame – Beautifully said by Rosie O’Donnell
  68. Fascinating study explains why Asian populations are protected against alcoholism by an enzyme emerging over 10K years. http://www.
  69. Study: Nerve damage to teen brains from binge drinking causing attention deficits and faulty visual processing.  
  70. There’s No Tobacco in Tabasco:
  71. Heroin contaminated with animal infected anthrax is killing users in Scotland & Germany, AGAIN.
  72. Glorify drug cartels in “narcocorridos” ballads/music and you can serve up to 3 years in a Mexican jail.
  73. NSDUH study shows an extremely high binge drinking increase 2 weeks after a person’s 21st birthday. Very dangerous.
  74. The FDA will begin studying the composition of cigarettes in detail this June. The dangerous list will be published next year.
  75. FDA requires tobacco companies to give all research they have conducted on the effects of cigarette ingredients. OUCH!
  76. E-cigarettes ruled not under FDA regulation. We have not heard the end of this argument!
  77. Texting while driving is the equivalent to driving under the influence of 4 alcoholic drinks from Oprah 1/18/10
  78. Attorney General’s Unite! AG’s suing e-cigarette makers for NOT warning about dangers & harmful chemicals from the product.
  79. New Study: Long term cocaine use can change brain genes increasing craving. Study shows repeated use modifies neuron function. http://www.
  80. The American Lung Association’s annual tobacco prevention report card is out. CA gets A on smokefree air, poorly in other categories.
  81. American Lung Association’s annual tobacco prevention report card
  82. Baby boomers using drugs at a much higher rate than past users in that age category. Health complications & expenses are expected to double.
  83. Long-term study: alcohol doesn’t protect from stroke, light use (1perwk) less likely for stroke, heavy drinking raises stroke risk.
  84. Yet another study finds drinking wine & beer raises risk of esophageal, stomach, pancreatic, rectal and liver cancer.  
  85. Before you serve teens alcohol in your home, do you know the medications & health problems in their body? You can’t keep them safe!
  86. More research showing permanent brain changes linked to mental illness from pot smoking. Published in Neurobiology of Disease
  87. Ex-smokers have higher diabetes rates from weight gain-DON’T GIVE UP- Eating is part of a quit plan Gum, breath mints can help
  88. Fascinating study correlates pot smoking to pot references in music in 9th graders. Parents, listen to what you kids listen to!
  89. 2 new studies prove childhood exposure to secondhand smoke increases risk of lung cancer & emphysema in adult nonsmokers.
  90. Top New Year Question: Sorry, exercise does not undo the damage from drinking alcohol.
  91. Congratulations to the great state of North Carolina, eat without the smell or taste of smoke in a restaurant. You'll love it!!!
  92. Tuesday: Top Stories 2009 – Comments and Replies are not factual information in science reports and articles.
  93. Happy New Year! Enjoy the Rose Parade and make a goal today!Top Mantra 2009: Be Proactive, Not reactive!
  94. Top stories 2009–MTG calls for parents to turn in other parents for providing alcohol to teens. It’s not safer; it’s an excuse to be cool!!!
  95. Top stories 2009-Marijuana research wanted by AMA, smoking still dangerous- THC is the chemical to research, NOT pot smoking.
  96. Study: adolescents self medicating w/pot instead of their prescribed meds looking for immediate relief instead of waiting.
  97. Rand study shows military children suffer from anxiety during deployment-esp. girls. Let’s thank our military this holiday.
  98. Myth: Hookah & waterpipes are safer for smokers. Research: they deliver 3 times more carbon monoxide than a single cigarette.
  99. Contaminated cocaine causing agranulocytosis-loss of white blood cells from cattle dewormer used as additive. Beware poss fatality.
  100. Teen cigarette rates keep falling, but pot smoking is increasing due to lack of info about the harmful effect & confusion about med. Pot.
  101. Cancer gene research has proves mutations from smoking & sun are leaders in lung & skin cancers. 1/1/10 a great date to quit smoking.
  102. We lost Roy Disney to cancer yesterday, our best wishes go out to his family. MTG is dedicated to fighting cancer.
  103. Researchers are studying fruit flies to understand alcoholism. They get addicted and continue drinking regardless of the consequences.
  104. Top SoCal student died of apparent alcohol overdose this weekend, nobody at the party thought it would ever happen to them. No driving, just the
  105. Hmmm, Reynolds (aka Camel, Pall Mall, Winston cigarettes) is buying a nicotine gum company. Altruistic? Market Control? or Profit?
  106. It is never easy to be the unpopular voice in the room; if you're still alive cuz of your safe choice, then you made the right 1
  107. Holiday Weekend Parties: Coffee doesn't sober drunk people up, it makes them an awake drunk w/ a false sense of sobriety.
  108. World Health Org said that at least 5 million people per year die from smoking w/ 600,000 from 2nd hand smoke worlwide!
  109. British "Know Your Limits" campaign warns BINGE DRINKERS that exercise won't compensate for a night of heavy drinking & guilt.
  110. SDSU has found that cigarette butts are toxic to fish. They recommend cig. butts be labeled as toxic hazardous waste.
  111. Japan is considering raising their tobacco prices to $10 per pack to combat the increasing lung cancer among their males.
  112. Yesterday was Walt Disney's birthday, he died from lung cancer due to smoking. Imagine what else he would have created. RIP Walt.
  113. Set your date to stop smoking (or help a friend) see our Drug Fact Update @  
  114. Busy start to the school year - finally getting back here! Check out our new Drug Fact Update Page @
  115. We haven't published a podcast for awhile, finally got it done & on the website re: Serena Williams-role models @
  116. Well a lot has been happening that I have been cautious to comment about - esp. w/ the Jackson case! US Open begins today!
  117. congratulations Team Astana, all the USA boys and especially to Lance Armstrong who rode a wonderful race - missed you Levi!
  118. devasting news this morning about Levi Leipheimer breaking his wrist & leaving the Tour de France. CA welcomes you home!
  119. New Blog: Michael Jackson: Child Star Makes Us Think About Our Own Childhood
  120. It is so very important to remember that we don't know what it's like to stand in someone else's shoes. Take a look at other people's shoes!
  121. Today we remembered Michael Jackson, it was an amazing ceremony. So, sad and such a loss
  122. Watching Lance and team Astana!
  123. I forgot to mention what the new blog is about: Goal Setting & Role Models. Following Lance, Andy, Venus & Serena, & Roger!
  124. We've been very busy here at MTG, but have managed to put out another blog on our website at
  125. We've added Danny Gans to our Drugged & Dead presentation. We hope we won't be adding MJ.
  126. We're so sorry to hear of Michael Jackson's loss. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family
  127. We've got a new addition to our blog
  128. Congratulations to all of our 2009 graduates!
  129. OCDE particpants, go to the conferences page at
  130. Welcome OCDE participants
  131. Check out our new Blog about CA Tobacco tax on
  132. Congratulations to all the finalist of the National Spelling Bee!
  133. Where Should My Child Go To School? See our new blog at
  134. It was a perfect and safe landing, congratulations. We get excited when you come to CA.
  135. Welcome Atlantis to California, we just heard your sonic boom!
  136. One more day Whoopi, One more day. Keep it going.
  137. Several of our schools in Santa Barbara are threatened by fire. Our thoughts are with all of you & your families.
  138. Another athlete to drug suspension-Ramirez expressed regret & didn’t know it was a banned substance. More @ milestogodrugeducation.
  139. New Blog: think before you post! see
  140. We lost several family members @ 2 different schools this week due to car accidents. Our thoughts & sorrow go out to their family members.
  141. Con't-Let’s watch our friends & kids so they don’t start a new habit or get in trouble today especially @ 4:20pm cuz the police know it too!
  142. Today is 420 National Pot Smoking Day. Originally named for the number of chemicals thought to be in marijuana, it is actually 421.
  143. We'll miss you Tyler Hamilton, We'll remember you for your guts & your grit, not your failed drug test. We are here for you, ride with us!
  144. We're tired of athletes who don't use drugs getting blamed for using... Lance Armstrong!!!
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