The Mother's
Checklist of Drug

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The Mother's Checklist
of Drug Prevention

Lessons in Drug Prevention:
Handbook Two

All The Little Things We Say and Do

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Most parents are terrified by the idea of talking
to their young children about drugs and
alcohol. That fear causes many to wait far too
long to start the discussion.  Now, there is a
solution to the problem: The Mother’s
Checklist of Drug Prevention.

You can stop worrying right now—you don’t
have to talk to your six-year-old about heroin.
In fact, most of this book has nothing at all to
do with talking about drugs. Instead, it
highlights all the little things we say and do
when our children are young that can reduce
stress and make them less likely as they get
older to reach for drugs and alcohol to feel

The Mother’s Checklist is an exciting follow-up
to Jonathan and Kelly’s first handbook, Not All
Kids Do Drugs, in which they gave parents the
tools to help keep their kids safe and healthy
in a world full of drugs. In The Mother’s
Checklist, they provide a detailed guide
parents can use to forge patterns of language
and behavior that will help them raise happy,
self-confident children who can grow into
functional, accomplished, drug-free young

The concept for this book was created by a
mother, but it is not just for mothers. Dads,
grandparents, nannies, babysitters,
counselors, teachers—anyone who cares for or
about children—will benefit from the wisdom
found in this handbook and checklist.

In addition to the checklist, most sections
include these recurring elements:

Keep in Mind, which highlights major
issues to be discussed;
The Words We Use, which talks about and
give examples of the language used when
speaking with children;
Establish a Pattern, which suggests ways
to practice and repeat the important ideas
without becoming incredibly boring and
one dimensional;
Lessons Learned, which quickly recaps
what was just covered; and
Links, which guides you to additional
content on the Internet. All references are
cited so you can investigate these topics
in more detail on your own.

In the section Everything I Ever Learned About
Parenting I Learned at Disneyland, Jonathan
and Kelly take a tongue in cheek look at
practical ways to incorporate into our daily lives
all the little things we can say and do to reduce
stress, frustration, anger, and anxiety; and
subsequently lessen the likelihood our
children will be victims of substance abuse.
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