Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Miles To Go Drug Prevention Education strives to simplify a complex subject into
understandable terms and make that knowledge applicable in everyday life.

Our goal is to integrate the science of drugs into biology, psychology, pop
culture, life-long learning and our emotional and social lives. We want to
encourage healthy and informed choices for families.

We operate from the core belief that proactive language and positive self talk have
the power to change lives.

We are committed to the idea that drug education is not just about drugs, but that
it’s also about communication, life skills, and relationships. We see drugs not as
the problem, but as a symptom of larger problems that are not being dealt with in
an effective way.

We believe we have miles to go before we are done learning how drugs can help
and hurt our children, our selves, our elders and our friends. We use all media
resources to examine drug addiction and substance abuse. Drug prevention is
not a black and white subject – it is a gray area of constantly changing
information where we learn from each other and apply that knowledge in our lives.
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