From The Disney Cruise To The Homeschool Conference

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This summer we had the pleasure of attending a home school conference in California. Here’s how two public school
kids who have made a career teaching private school kids ended up a home school conference:  Three years ago we
went on a long Disney cruise to Europe in May (when the prices are low and the crowds are smaller!) We got to know
many of the families and quickly learned how many of them were homeschoolers taking advantage of the lower prices
and lower demand for cabins on the ship. The more we got to know each other, the more they talked to us about their
frustration in finding the right way to teach drug prevention within their health and science lessons.

Human development is a subject that is usually only covered in private schools and home schools. It encompasses so
many life skills, and all the information needed is rarely found in one handy manual. Private schools tend to bring in a
series of speakers to adequately cover all the pertinent subjects. They also have counselors, a nurse, health
teachers, and advisors all working together to plan the curriculum.  Public schools rarely have human development
programming, and what they do have is all over the map because of their budget limitations and strict rules about
how and what they can teach. I have reviewed many programs over the years and have found many of them to be out
of date by the time they are published. (You should know that I am incredibly picky.)

Since we only teach in California, I promised several of the moms from the cruise (who lived all over the country)
that I would find a way for them to teach drug education that I had read and approved. As the year passed, I
started learning more and more about webinars and Podcasts as teaching tools. The more I learned, the more I
discovered that our programs could be available all over the world by re-thinking the way we taught our “live”
lectures. We soon figured out that the same programs we had been teaching in private schools for the past 15 years
could be presented as webinars or on-demand presentations on the internet. We have spent the past year planning
and organizing how to make these programs available to families, schools, and home schools anywhere in the world via
the internet. We have created webinars for far-flung students so they can experience our entire program the same
way an entire classroom of students would in a brick and mortar school. Also, we have created Podcasts that are
available for free to utilize as a homework assignment or as a seed for discussion or further research efforts. Click
here to go to our
webinar page or our homework page.

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Simplifying a Complex Subject
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